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Research Activities Events

Research Activities Events


A collection of Call For Papers

As a research project, ASPIRE aims at contributing to research field, therefore a list of Call For Papers notification is updated regularly.



The Future Internet Assembly was formed on the initiative of the European Commission as an outcome of the Future Internet Conference that took place in Bled, Slovenia on 31 March - 2 April 2008

The objectives of the conference were to ensure that:

  • Cross domain future Internet issues are discussed leading to enhanced and effective coordination across domains
  • A shared vision emerges of what needs to be done for the future Internet in Europe by Europe
  • EU stakeholders are better positioned in scientific and economic terms regarding the challenges of the Future Internet

The outcome of the Bled conference was the launch of the European Future Internet Assembly as the vehicle for discussion amongst concerned R&D projects and the European Technology Platforms.


EuroTRUSTAmI '08 workshops

September 16, 2008 - European Research towards Trusted Ambient Intelligence, Sophie Antipolis.

EuroTRUSTAmI aims at providing a comprehensive vision of the European Research Projects that deals with advancing the AmI vision and providing secure and dependable computing environments in a context of open, heterogeneous and dynamic networks.

22 European research projects related to Ambient Intelligence & Security issues will present their objectives, progresses and results, and finally exchange views to outline long term IT security strategies for Europe.
Research areas explored include:

  • AmI Environments Secure, dependable and trusted infrastructures
  • Grid & Global computing
  • Pervasive adaptation
  • Authentication / Biometrics
  • Co-operative systems
  • Open Platforms & interoperable services
  • Networking & coordination actions in Security


CERP Meeting

2. October 8, CERP meeting, Sophie Antipolis

RFID has the potential to enhance Europe's competitiveness and is an important driver for the development of an information based economy and society. A wide range of research and application projects in Europe have been set up in different application fields. Communication between these projects is an essential requirement for a competitive industry and for a secure, safe and privacy-preserving deployment of RFID in Europe. To promote this exchange of information the "Cluster of European RFID Projects" has been founded in January 2007. The objectives of the cluster are:

  • Facilitate networking of different projects in Europe
  • Coordinate research activities
  • Assure coherence of work in Europe
  • Leverage expertise, talents, and resources and maximize impact
  • Establish synergies between projects


ICT event on future of IoT

November 27, 2008, Lyon

The biennial ICT Event (formerly called the "IST Event") is the most important forum for discussing research and public policy in information and communication technologies at European level. The Event brings together researchers and innovators, policy and business decision-makers working in the field of digital technologies. The ICT Event:

  • Presents Europe's future priorities for research funding in the ICT area
  • Examines crucial issues of public policy for stimulating innovation through ICT development and uptake
  • Creates opportunities to establish research and business partnerships and simply keep up to date in what is happening in various ICT research fields.

The ICT Event is organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for the Information Society and Media and will be held in Lyon from 25-27 november 2008


Future of Internet Assembly

December 9-10, Madrid

The Future Internet Assembly plans its second event in Madrid on 9-10 Dec 2008 to continue the work of its first conference. The next Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is currently being prepared by the Organising Committee (OC) which includes representatives of the European Commission the European Technology Platforms and the concerned work groups.


Legal and Security Issues for RFID

October 30, Briefing on Legal and Security issues for RFID, Copenhagen

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