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Open Source Events

ASPIRE Open Source Events




The development of the ASPIRE RFID Middleware will be hosted by the OW2 Consortium, as the ASPIRE RFID project has been approved by the OW2 Technology Council in April 2008. OW2 will provide the development infrastructure to ASPIRE, including the Open Source Forge, the Wiki, and all the tools and processes required to support the ASPIRE Middleware development. The project portal can be accessed at URL: http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/aspire. The ASPIRE RFID Middleware will be developed under the LGPL v2.1 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl‐2.1.html).

The benefits for OW2 of hosting the ASPIRE RFID Middleware project are:

  • To enrich the OW2 code base in an area that is strategic for the economy (traceability, protection against counterfeiting, etc.), and that currently sees an important growth;
  • To attract new members to the OW2 community who will contribute to the code base or download and use the software;
  • To develop the link between OW2, the EU research community, and the ASPIRE project partners.

The benefits for ASPIRE to select OW2 as the host of the Middleware development are:

  • To benefit from a proven collaborative environment infrastructure;
  • To attract potential contributors to the ASPIRE Middleware from the OW2 community;
  • To access to new dissemination channels for the ASPIRE Middleware, through the OW2 members.

For information on OW2, please contact: luc.laurens(at)inria.fr or stephane.ribas(at)inria.fr. For information on the ASPIRE RFID Middleware, please contact: didier.donsez(at)imag.fr, or jsol(at)ait.edu.gr.

For further information on registration please download the document and registration form.




The ASPIRE project was successfully presented to the OS Community in the eLiberatica conference in Bucharest, Romania on end of May 2008. The response was good with promises from local developers for participation in ASPIRE once the project starts its collaborative phase. The presentation file can be downloaded here.




ASPIRE Innovation Management framework, as an integrated part of ASPIRE project was successfully presented in the LinuxDay conference in Geneva on May 21, 2008. The presentation file can be downloaded here.



Contact: Neeli Prasad [Project Coordinator] np(at)es.aau.dk ·
Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTiF) ·  Aalborg University · Niels Jernes Vej 12 · 9220 Aalborg East, Denmark ·
Phone: +45 9940 7506 · Fax: +45 9815 1583 · e-mail: aspire_office(at)es.aau.dk · © ASPIRE 2009

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